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The net.datastructures Package is licensed free of charge to anyone for noncommercial use. Please note the following terms of the The net.datastructures Package license:

Download JAR File

Include this file in your class path and you should be all set.

Download ZIP Archive with Selected Source Files

Selected source files are available for general use.

Download ZIP Archive with All Source Files

A zip archive containing all the source files is available to registered instructors.


All classes are within the Java package net.datastructures. To use the DFS class, for example, you would add the line "import net.datastructures.DFS;" at the top of your code, or simply refer to net.datastructures.DFS throughout your code. Alternatively, you can also put the line "import net.datastructures.*;" at the top of your code to import the entire package.
Last modified: March 30, 2014
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